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B4 Ventures is an emerging leader in Dallas based venture capital. We have made investments in many high growth businesses and are constantly looking for the next opportunity. Due to our highly focused approach, we spend a lot of time with company management and become a part of the company's growth.

We look under the hood at opportunities on an individual basis to determine the best fit for each and every partnership we forge. With our extensive business, venture capital and development experience, you can be confident we will help you attain your business goals.


At B4 Ventures, we have a unique approach when it comes to partnering with business professionals and helping them create value. Unlike the larger "institutionalized" firms, B4 Ventures evaluates each and every opportunity on an individual basis. We do not focus on what analysts are saying will be the next hot space. Instead we look at each investment opportunity on its own merits. We're looking for the entrepreneur who is really serious about delivering unusual value.

We bring a unique combination of financial and real-world business management experience to the table. That means we bring more than cash. B4 Ventures partners with companies and arms them with a wealth of business management, financial management and strategic guidance so that they can achieve their goals.

Give us a call. We'll assess where you are, what you need and how we can help you create even more value for your business.


Venture Capital, def. venture capital is the illiquid investing in high potential, high risk business opportunities.

B4 Ventures; Venture Capital With A Unique Partner, A Unique Approach.

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